Places to visit in Wales

Visiting-Britain-Wales - cherry-BlossomWales is full of hills, churches and standing stones among a peaceful nature. King Arthur and the Lady of the lake made the fame of Wales mythology and folklore.

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Places to visit- Wales


WalesCardiff is the largest city in Wales. In 1955 it was proclaimed the capital of Wales.
For some period of history, Cardiff was a biggest coal port of the world. Before the beginning of World War 2, it used to be the biggest port in UK, bigger than London's or liverpool's.
Cardiff is a very outstanding city with beautiful architecture and plenty of things to do and see.
According to archaeologists the first settlement around the area of Cardiff was established in 6000 BC, before the Stonehenge or the Great Pyramid of Giza were built!

When you are in Cardiff do not miss the chance to see Cardiff castle, which was built just in the heart of the city by William the first of England in 1081.
The castle lived through the Norman times, Victorian era and so on it changed its appearance and style of loggings.
Now Cardiff castle is a truly beautiful combination of styles of different centuries.

You also should visit Wales Millennium centre to see one of the greatest performances. Go to see opera, ballet or a play. The theatre has a great variety of events going on in its ventures.
There is also a number of museums and exhibitions going on in Cardiff. National Museum will offer you a wide range of paintings and other art pieces.

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Welsh Chocolate Farm

Wales, SightseeingFor those of you who just can't live without sweets and chocolate this is a must see attraction! Here you will see how chocolate is made.
Moreover, you will smell, eat and drink the favourite food of Maya people that became so famous around the world- chocolate.

Carmarthenshire Welsh Chocolate Farm offers you a chance to find out how the luxurious chocolate is made.
After the tour around chocolate Farm you will have a chance to decorate your own truffle and of course taste it.

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Life Butterfly House

Wales SightseeingLife Butterfly House in Wales is a true tropical fairytale that came to life in the cold land of Great Britain. It is hard to describe this fantastic colourful sight.
The life Butterfly House has more than 30 different species of butterflies and during the opening season in spring more than 80.
The butterflies are imported to Wales from Philippines, Costa Rica and Tanzania, Wales Butterfly House also has a great collection of flowers some of them are endangered in the open world of nature.

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Greenfield Valley Heritage Park

Wales AttractionsIf you want to see how life went by nearly a century ago, then you should visit Greenfield Valley Heritage Park.
All buildings here represent the best architecture of the past times and are furnished accordingly as well.
You can also visit a farm museum or go for a walk along beautiful passages, which can lead you to one of the five amazing lakes located near by.

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King Arthur's Labyrinth

Wales attractionsKing Arthur's Labyrinth is a perfect attraction for people of all ages. Follow the river and you will get to the great waterfall. Somewhere inside the darkness the whole world of mystery and magic awaits you.
In King Arthur's Labyrinth you will find out more about Wales legends and hear stories about legendary King Arthur.

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Wales SitesLlandudno is a a beautiful town in Wales. The written history of the town can be traced back to 1284.
It is famous for its sea side resorts known by the name of Llandudno as well.
The Sea coast here is not be the same as on tropical islands of course. But it has its own wild charm.
The long white sand beach with fantastic nature surrounding the shore will not leave you disappointed. You will find also some beautiful churches and architectural masterpieces around the area.

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Wales SightseeingThe name of Snowdonia comes from the name of the highest mountain in Wales - Snowdon. Snowdonia is composed of different mountain chains and all of them are very beautiful and are worth a visit.

Snowdon is the most famous one. There is a legend which tells that King Arthur killed a giant named 'Rhitta' on the mountain Snowdon.
You can go for a mountain walk or just enjoy a stunning view of the mountains chain.

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