Visiting Wales


If you decide to visit Britain you should travel to marvelous sites of Wales as well!
Wales lies on the banks of Atlantic Ocean and Irish sea at the border with England. Wales has a fascinating nature.

Here you can enjoy the most beautiful sites of UK tourism attractions. It also has a very interesting history with many artefacts and heritage monuments.

Wales originally was a part of Celtic land. Therefore the influence of Celtic culture can be clearly identified in the country's heritage monuments.

In 13th century, Wales was defeated by England in the course of Anglo-Norman campaign and years of English occupation began. In 16th century, Wales started incorporating English legislation and became the entity now known as England and Wales.
Wales' population is bilingual, with English and Welsh being of equal importance.

According to the legends, South Wales is the birth place of great magician Merlin. Visit Wales and enjoy stunning natural sights and touch the history through the dust of times in Wales castles.

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