Washington D.C - more than a city, less than a state

Why would you not visit Washington D.C, the symbol of United States of America. Washington is not only the federal capital of United States but also one of the largest cities. It is the residence of some of the biggest American institutions such as the White House and the Capitol. The United States Capitol is the place where United States Congress have their meetings.

The city of Washington is located in the Eastern part of United States. It holds a special place among American cities and it has the status of the first capital. Washington DC is more than a city but less than a state. It is a district created by the Congress of the United States of America as a meeting and trading place where the businesses of the government are handled. Originally, it was a square of 10 miles crossed by the Potomac River between the states of Virginia and Maryland. This land was called as District of Columbia. The new capital which was built, was named as Washington in honour of the first president and the founder of the republic.

Washington D.C has an amazing landscape and city is full of urban design. The city has a good selection of museums, prestigious monuments and government buildings, which are shaping the city scene. A French engineer designed the city in 1791. He drew the plans also for some major European cities, for instance, Versailles is designed by him.

You can not see skyscrapers within the city view of the capital, because in the early 20th century city was decorated with thousands of planted trees. There are lot of sights to see in Washington D.C. Close to the Capitol Hill, you can find the Library of Congress, which is the largest library in the world with 90 million of books. Another place where you can visit is the Ford’s Theatre. It was opened in 1863 and it is the place where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865. Maybe you can go to see a play in this historically important theatre. Furthermore, you can visit the Lincoln Memorial. It was designed on the model of the Parthenon in Athens. Inside, you will find an impressive statue of Abraham Lincoln. On the walls you can see his most famous speeches engraved.

When you are visiting the city, you need to find a proper accommodation. Fortunately there are lot of possibilities among the Washington hotels. It is your choice whether you want to choose the hotel near some of the attractions such as all the historic monuments. It does not matter if you are interested in finding an affordable Washington hotel or if you are looking for a luxurious one, there will be something for everyone. The city, Washington D.C is maybe too big and noisy for you. It is possible to find more peaceful hotels near Washington DC.